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This theory does not, yet, exists, to be tested. Can I find it? Would you still find justified to toss it and buy a cell phone?

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And it leads to completely exaggerated new hypothesis I really don't care about "loopholes" but mainstream physicists do, and they teach the opposite. Hi Ronald, Thank you for your comments.

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That is the reason why I made you my important question. Up to this point, there were proposed hundreds of alternative formulations and formalisms of QM, but the simplest and most fit is the Hilbert space formalism. Exactly because the "or" part. This doesn't even need an experiment to test it.

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And that's why it seems that physicist are so short sighted and can't replace them with better ones: What I think the fastest way to promote a paradigm shift in Physics titan gel la san pham gi when scientists and deciders of research funds accept that for the quantum phenomena there is a limit - like in Special Relativity there is a limit, nothing goes faster than the speed of light - and that limit titan gel la san pham gi Local Realism.

Looking forward for your answer Teresa show all replies 6 not shown Cristinel Stoica replied on Sep. You are prepared to toss this clock and buy a cell phone. I have a question for you: There has to be a test, an experimental test, that allow us to refute it and if refuted, discard it. It makes any sense for you, the claim J. It uses inequalities to find the limits of Local Realism.

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Hence, you can only see the time displayed on the xtra size pills price in townsville, so you think that it is just a clock. Teleportation and Quantum computer experimentalists: Best, Teresa Mendes replied on Sep.

More physicists looking for that solution. Hi Teresa, "don't you think that the two phrases are in contradiction? Am I wrong? Because it is so counter-intuitive one have to rely of math to find the "truth". Local realism has NOT been rejected.

I see that you consider that, because I don't erectile dysfunction natural treatment Bell's theorem, I am against local realism. They will do it on the basis of the merits of the experiment.

  • I see that you consider that, because I don't reject Bell's theorem, I am against local realism.
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For more than 40 years, they have been performed, with different experimental apparatus, and accordingly to J. But anyway, say that testing Bell's theorem is not perfect so it must be wrong. Every day you will find on arxiv a new revolution, a new paradigm.

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I want a theory that can be used by engineers to develop new technologies, create value, and help the world to overcome this awful economic crisis. Don't you thing that this could be the reason there is so little titan gel la san pham gi and credibility for any local realist research for a new local realistic theory for quantum phenomena?

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It is difficult to judge someone's work only by a one sentence summary. In a similar vein, people don't like singularities in GR and come with radically new theories. It is math. It is not that people don't try to solve these puzzles, they do.

Math is not "the how to increase cocke size naturally, and everything that math "says" doesn't necessarily have to be real. No problem Especial none has been able to reject local realism.

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I doubt you can find loopholes based on imperfect measurements here. On the other hand, the others are the ones that advanced QM, both in theory and in applications. And there are so many physicists working at local or realistic versions of QM. Accordingly to Popper, we can not prove I think even the smartest guys barely have enough time to read and understand all that is written every day on this subject.

Briefly, my view is that any measurement xtra size pills price in townsville in QM has local real solutions. And in this video. The problem with the Bell tests is with the "transformed" Bell inequalities that have to be used to a particular experiment.

So let me rephrase: Cristinel Stoica wrote on Sep. Best regards Cristinel Stoica replied on Sep. The "or" phrase.