A Guide to Collecting Valuable Pokémon Promo Cards

How do you know if you have first edition pokemon cards.

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PSA 9 and 10 cards of this variety are extremely difficult to obtain. Some of the more valuable gold foil promos you may wish to collect are: Legendary Collection reprinted cards from the Base Set, Jungle, Fossil, and Team Rocket expansions, and even included a card that was previously only available as a promotional card Mewtwo.

However, as mentioned above, some of the last English 1st Edition sets were released either at the same time or after their Unlimited release, making them much less valuable compared to early TCG Expansion runs. This is just what the most likely outcomes are of these specific artworks. Compare the two below, the bottom one is shadowless an the top one is not.

Aside from the newer sets, the "Base 2" series of cards did not have a First Edition. Trainers and Energy cards from Base Setdon't have the image box lacking the shadow, so can't be Shadowless, however, there are other differences from this print run. The final printing says C Wizards in the lower right corner. What does that mean?

Well, don't we all wish that was the case! These vary in their rarity depending on the event or purpose of the card. There is no expansion symbol - meaning it is base extagen capsules. There were cards natural male fertility supplements the base set, but the Japanese didn't think collector numbers were important, so they don't have any.

The 18 Most Valuable Pokémon Cards That Are Worth a Ton of Money

Another was the inclusion of a drop shadow under the character illustration window, supposedly added to give the card more depth. It had a very limited print run and was only distributed on the West Coast.

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There is no expansion set symbol - so this is from the Base set. Shadowless Base how do you know if you have first edition pokemon cards cards were the second print run.

How to Tell If A Booster Box is Shadowless?

These are promos that were included in magazines or special events. A label on the booster pack that reads "1 Edition" was printed on the booster pack to show that the cards inside were, in fact, 1st Edition cards. We call this a "Holo" in the US. Still quite valuable.

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Here are the main ways to do so. Again, stores will pay less than this. Promotional cards were initially given a black star Promotional Symbol, which started in the same location as the set symbol, but later moved to the lower right corner. These are the cards.

These are the only other printing of the cards beyond the First Edition.

  1. THis is a condition that only occurs with the original Base set cards.
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The Shadowless cards are also highly sought after by collectors because of their rarity being close to that of the first edition. It's an obvious choice to start at the beginning of the hobby, latest and best cure for ed 1st Edition Base Set. No, it's not easy. With five to six printings, these cards are by far the most common Base Set cards in existence, and their prices reflect that.

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This is a Base set, Shadowless Charizard. Even some other rare cards. More common than the true 1st edition, Shadowless male edge price in united kingdom are still quite rare compared to Unlimited edition.

Base Set, the very first set printed has no expansion symbol under the picture. How do you know if you have first edition pokemon cards 1st edition base set Pokemon Cards also have a shadowless version. Send us an email at fedusagaming gmail. They are on different places of the Booster pack depending on the series, but isn't to hard to spot. The shadow appears behind the art.

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This series included a 1st Edition Stamp on the left middle side of the cards. What are your old Pokemon Cards Worth? However, then it comes down how do you know if you have first edition pokemon cards the details. This also makes them extremely rare.

  • Due to the limited number that are released to the public, these are often highly sought after and are highly collectible.
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The drop shadow was added behind the art box to add some depth to the card. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. These are very limited in number and are usually Holofoil.

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THis is a condition that only occurs titan gel gold hendel the original Base set cards. Holographic cards only have a holographic art image whereas a reverse holo card will have holographic foiling on the rest of the card while the artwork is not holographic.

Top 5 Most Valuable Cards in the Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set – FED USA

The first five print runs had a copyright line that read: The reverse holographic cards in this set had a starburst refraction pattern. That means from those of you listing "1st Editon Prerelease Aerodactyls", you could be in for a world of hurt when the buyer claims that you sold it as First Edition when it was really just Prerelease.

If you are selling it to a store though, expect a much lower price. This card is shown in the original packaging as it was presented in the 2 Player Starter Set. Base 1 vs. Which cards do you own?

Those looking to sell their collections should not expect Charizard-level pricing for other cards from these sets. We call this a "Holo" in the US.

In terms of Pokemon cards, a First Edition card means that the card is Unless exclusively stored in binders and played with in card sleeves which was virtually unknown at the timethere are few Near Mint examples in circulation.

Because these come from mass produced sets they are not as rare as some others and are usually considered the least valuable of the collectibles.


Some people believe this is due to the uncommon card slot in the original packs being in the front or back, leaving it open to frequent damage. This is a Base set, Japanese Charizard. Because there is only a limited number of these made, they are usually much more valuable than their unlimited counterpart.